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  1. What is the default setting of temperature controller AI-508 / AI-509?
    The default setting can be found of the manual in the download section underneath. 
  2. Is there any driver of National Instrument LabView?
    We are working on it. Reference: http://forums.ni.com/t5/Multifunction-DAQ/Automate-temperature-controller/m-p/1618094/highlight/false#M64849
  3. Does YUDIAN temperature controller / indicator support MODBUS?
    Yes. YUDIAN instruments support AIBUS. Starting from version 8.0 or above, YUDIAN instruments support both AIBUS and MODBUS. Setting AF.H=1 (x 128) can activate MODBUS support. 
  4. Which model supports MODBUS?
    Temperature Controller: AI-526, AI-526P Temperature Indicator: AI-5201. 
  5. How can I find out the serial number?
    Locate the small white label on the side of enclosure or back of the panel (LCD instrument). You may also refer to the details or other methods to find out the model number and firmware version below.
GUIDELINE to find out serial number / model number / firmware
Adobe Acrobat document [405.4 KB]
Temperature controller AI-508 / AI-509 Default Setting - Operation Manual
Q: What is the default setting of temperature controller AI-508 / AI-509?
A: The default setting can be found of the manual. Please note the default parameter Act should be "rE".
Adobe Acrobat document [347.9 KB]
Paperless Recorder AI-3170S: Analysis Software YDR_V1_01_07
Early AI-3170S required users to run this Analysis Software to read the encrypted data in the USB drive. Only on Windows platform.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [26.8 MB]
Paperless Recorder AI-3170S: YUDIAN.BK
This is a file for recognition. Please unzip and copy this "yudian.bk" into the root directory of the USB drive and do not remove it. Otherwise no data will be exported.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [116 Bytes]

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