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AIDCS Software

YUDIAN AIDCS software monitors and controls YUDIAN branded instrument, including PID controllers (with communication feature and communication module installed), indicators I(with communication module installed), digital I/O modules and also flow totalizers (with communication module installed). 


AIDCS runs on Microsoft Windows XP SP2. Installing and running on Windows 7 32-bit is not stable. 


Communication module:

- RS485: module S, S1 or S4;

- RS232: module R. 


AIDCS software have a built-in 30 minutes time lock. It will automatically close itself after 30 minute-usage. There is no limitation times of running the software. Users may click and open the AIDCS software again manually. The time lock can be unlocked by purchasing a USB security key. Each key matches one server. The USB security key cannot be replaced. User will need to purchase any new one if the original key is lost.


The client side has no such time limitation. 


IWe would like to introduce our customers to switch to large LCD panel recorder and controller, to get free from a computer. No further support to questions related to Windows platform anymore. 

Illustration showing why and how AIDCS software is implemented.
AIDCS System Illustration.pdf
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AIDCS v9.04 English Net version
The computer which connected to the instrument via RS485 communication wire acts as a "server". Install Server.exe.
Another computer or more than one computers can be connected to the "server" to perform the same monitoring and controlling actions. They acts as "clients". Install Client.exe on each client computers. The client and server must be connected by LAN in the same subnet. For example, the IP address of server is The third group of client IP must be the same. It can be, except 100 (of course :>).
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